Clark St Coffee

Clark St Coffee’s coffee roaster from Melbourne. I was part of Equilibrium Design and we’ve designed new eCommerce. Website was part of re-branding.

Design Process

I was working close to Senior Designer as User Experience and User Interface Designer. Based on brief from client we’ve decided to use WooCommerce. 

We’ve started from creating wireframes and site-map. Statics wireframes were made in Adobe Illustrator. I’ve discussed progress with my team then I’ve designed User Interface in Adobe Photoshop. 

Sitmap helps me organize content and overview website structure.

Equilibrium was working with off-site engineers and my role was to communicate with them. I’ve provided all assets and instructions. I was responsible to review website and give feedback included CSS instructions.

First mobile wireframes designed in Illustrator.


We’ve delivered responsive eCommerce with good User Experience. We’ve included all required features. We kept design clean and consistent with new brand. 

What I’ve learned

Website included shop online, but also few content pages and it was challenge to finish wireframes, but my team was really supportive. We’ve customized a lot of elements and as results we needed to watch out our budget and deadline. I was already working few months at the studio and we had good communication within team.